Aim was created from a love of playing with Nerf with our children.

We noticed that lots of our friends had Nerf blasters but hardly ever played with them, it seemed that either the parents were unhappy with being hit with darts around the house, or they simply had lost all of the darts for the blasters.

Aim have solved this problem!  We offer a safe place to bring the family and have some Foam Dart Fun!  It’s an easy way to get involved in something the children love doing as a family or a team.  You don’t even need to own a Nerf blaster, we will provide a pair of safety glasses, a Nerf blaster and all the Nerf darts you could possibly need. Just be prepared to bring the smiles!

We have now expanded the business to now include Aim Airsoft and Aim Laser Ops.  This is a natural progression from Nerf blasters to more advanced skills using laser and more realistic guns, while still having lots of fun.

Have a look at our frequently asked questions page for more information.