Safety Rules

  • Always wear your Safety Glasses in the game arena!
  • Do not shoot at anyone who is not playing.
  • No intentional head shots.
  • No physical contact with other players – no pushing, pulling, wrestling, hitting, etc.
  • No wrestling blasters or darts away from other people.
  • No blind firing. You must be able to see some part of your opponent when firing.
  • Do not jump/climb/Move or cause damage to any Barricade’s, Barrier’s or Equiment owned by Aim. You will be charged for any intentional damage.
  • No going outside the battle zones.
  • Only Nerf or X Shot blasters may be used.
  • Modified nerf guns are allowed, but these will need to be checked by the Marshalls first If they are deemed to be too powerful, you will not be allowed to use them.
  • Do not shoot or throw anything over the fences, or out of bounds.
  • No whining, complaining, or arguing – this will result in you sitting out for a while and/or your Team losing points.
  • Do not throw or drop the blasters – they break easily!
  • After the battle is over you must return all hire blasters, foam darts & safety glasses.


Calling “Stop or Stop Firing”.

At any time during a round, a marshal may call “Stop/Stop Firing”, which will temporarily stop that round. Players should repeat the call of Stop or Stop Firing so that all other players hear, stop shooting, take a knee and listen (all attacks stop). If a player is injured or if there is a threat to personal safety, you are obligated to call “Stop”, but do not abuse it.

Common Sense

  • Safety Glasses – You must always wear eye protection during games – if you are caught without eye protection you will be out of the game until the next one starts and your team will lose points.
  • Don’t look down the barrel even if you think it’s not loaded. Keep your finger off the trigger and the blaster pointed at the ground until ready to aim at your target. No shooting at anyone on your team or any person not playing in the game.
  • Try not to damage darts – avoid stepping on them, avoid stuffing them roughly into bags, cases, or pockets – they damage easily. Do not load or use damaged darts – they will absolutely jam your gun.  If in doubt stow it away as damaged. Do not throw away damaged darts as they can be repaired later (throw them in the damaged darts bucket in the assembly area).

Adult Games Only! – When striking with a melee weapon you may only tap the opponent, No hard contact.

General Rules

Rule 1: Don’t be a Nerf Herder!


What happens when you get hit varies, but all nerf games are decided on some level by whether you’ve been ‘hit’.

  • You are hit if you or something you are holding/wearing stops a dart from moving through the air, or alters its course.
  • Anything touching your body that might alter or stop the dart’s path counts as a hit. This includes your clothing, blaster, feet, holster, and backpack.
    Making exceptions or counting blaster-hits or head-shots differently just over complicates things. See Rule 1.

If you are not sure if a hit should count, take the hit and continue playing.

Talking during a game/Arguing over hits

Do not get into an argument over whether you were hit. If someone insists that they tagged you, and you did not see whether the dart hit, just take the hit.
Be polite, and be honourable. It’s just a game.

If someone is repeatedly making bad calls or otherwise causing an issue, tell the marshal after the round is over and they will deal with it.
Arguing about a hit does not exclude you from being hit. If someone hits you because you were not paying attention and were talking to another player, it still counts.
You are in play and fair game.

Hits to the face count.

Do not intentionally shoot another player in the face or head when it is possible to shoot someone in the torso/centre of mass. It’s easier to hit someone that way anyway.

Ricochets do not count.

You do not have to take a hit from a dart that bounced off of a wall, the ground or another person before it hit you. If you are not sure if a hit is a ricochet, just take the hit.

Friendly Fire.

Shooting allies accidentally does not count as a hit..




Game Rules

  • There will be a short period of time before the games start, this time is for loading only and to start moving into positions.
    The games will start when you hear the whistle (2 blows of the whistle) – Listen for the end-of-game whistle (1 long blow of the whistle) Stop firing and report to the assembly area to unload your blaster into the Aim ammo bins provided.

General Courtesy

  • Do not touch anyone or anyone’s stuff without asking.
  • Pick up all darts when you dart sweep, and put darts in the Aim ammo dart bins, you can use whatever ammo you pick up during a round.
  • Be prepared to play. When a round is starting, pay attention to the Marshal and try to keep things moving. If your gear breaks, or you run out of ammo, don’t expect anyone to wait on you.

Equipment and Attire

  • Do not use silver, black, or camouflage colours on your blaster. An orange tip is not enough.
  • If your blaster resembles a firearm, paintball gun, or airsoft gun, you may be required to cover a large portion in orange duct tape.
  • Blasters should look like a toy, to discourage bystanders from reporting you to the police.
  • Do not wear an all-black, camouflage, military, or law enforcement style uniform or clothing.

For example, if you want to wear camo/*BDU trousers, wear a bright T-shirt or other non-military attire.
Do not wear a matching *BDU shirt, olive drab T-shirt, etc.

*Battle Dress Uniform.