Please Note;
All players must wear socks, (trampoline/non-slip socks are best if you have them).

We do not want players wearing shoes as they are very likely to ruin the darts.

There is a strict no running rule during our events.

You may bring your own Nerf blaster if you wish, but please do not bring it loaded with any foam darts. We will supply these for the games.

Please do not bring any Nerf MEGA  (Large Red Darts) or Nerf VORTEX  (Foam Discs)  blasters as we do not carry ammo for these.

Nerf RIVAL blasters (Round Foam Balls),  can only be used for our Adult Only evnts.

We do not want any loaded Nerf blasters entering or leaving the building for safety reasons.  Thank you!

We go to great lengths to make everything as safe as possible, but as with any activity there is a small risk of injury.

Between every game all blasters are cleared of foam darts and racked while the children have a quick break for refreshments.

Why not look at our rules page!