Aim Nerf events are a great way to have fun while in a safe environment.

We hold our own family friendly events. These events are usually limited to 30 places per event. So tickets must be purchased before the event date.

We also provide all the equipment needed for a private party. We can cater games suitable for children and adults alike.

During the games there are many opportunities for the teams to work together to reach there goals.

At Aim we hope to promote Honesty, Sportsmanship and Teamwork.

As an added safety precaution for younger parties, there is a no-go zone between the two opposing sides.

We have a team of friendly Marshall’s who work hard to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

We supply every player with a pair of safety glasses, a Nerf blaster and all the foam darts they can fling.

The game arena is laid out with various barricades and a HQ for each team. These will also hold large stocks of Nerf dart ammo.

During most events there will be chances to shoot various types of Nerf gun.

We can customize your private party to suit your requirements, just send us a message!

Why not book a party today!

Aim Swindon proudly supports & is supported by BRITNERF home of the UK Nerf community.