Players must sign a disclaimer before entering the game zone.
Players cannot enter the game zone without permission from the marshals.
Players under the age 18 must have a disclaimer signed by a parent/guardian.
Aim Airsoft advises all players to wear full face protection, over 18’s can choose to wear ballistic eye protection only. These must be EN166 A or B rated.
Players under the age of 18, it is mandatory to wear full face protection.
Players must not remove their eye protection at any time while in the game zone.
Airsoft is a ground level sport, no climbing trees, bunkers, pallets, barriers or man-made props.
No real weapons of any kind allowed anywhere on site.
Private selling of Airsoft equipment to players on site is between the seller and the buyer ONLY, and is nothing to do with Aim Airsoft.
No drugs or alcohol to be consumed or brought onto site. Anyone believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to play and will be asked to leave the site.
Physical contact or bullying is not permitted. This is to include excessive shooting of a player and or a game Referee. If a player is caught shooting a referee on purpose, the offending player will be removed from game play. Holding/grabbing an opponent, his/her gun, or equipment is not allowed.
Only UK & site approved pyros allowed on site, any pyros brought onto site must be approved by a head marshal before they are used in game.
All guns have to be chrono’d and tagged before they are taken in to the game zone, any gun found to be over the limit will not be allowed into game zone for legal reasons.
FPS limits: AEG 350…. DMR 420…. Single action sniper 500…. Pistols/shotgun 350…. chrono’d through our site chrono.
Engagement distances: Sniper/DMR 30mtrs…. AEG/pistol/shotgun under 2M gentlemanly when it gets close. For DMRs we like to see one bb in the air at a time no rapid single shot fire a DMR is not an MP5 with a scope. Support weapons to be used in a supportive manor and are not for CQC engagements.
When using Pyro or Grenades Please shout “PYRO” or “GRENADE” as a heads-up!
Pyro kill zone 5M man-made structures are deemed hard cover, trees and bushes are not.
Only players 18 and over can use pyros on site, treat them as fireworks, never touch a used pyro.
When a bb strikes anywhere on your body or equipment you are hit, the player must raise his hand and shout “HIT”, and immediately follow the respawn rules. It is the hit player’s responsibility to move out of the way of incoming fire.
A hit from a player’s own teammate, or “Friendly Fire”, also counts as a hit.
Aim Airsoft recognises the commonly used ‘Bang’ rule. If an enemy is within 2 metres call “BANG” to indicate they have been engaged & hit.
Knife kills are to be taken silently and count as a kill. You only have to touch the enemy’s torso; no force is needed for knife kills.
When moving to a re-spawn point, have one hand raised to signify such and keep to main pathways as much as is possible. If moving through a battle please wait and make yourself known with the call of ‘Dead Man Walking’ or ‘Dead Man Coming Out’.
Do not fire into respawn points, this will be classed as cheating.
Semi-automatic only when inside buildings, and objective perimeters.
The use of radio/communications equipment is allowed during the game. Please stay off of the marshal’s channel.
Players can never cross a red and white hazard tape or roped off area. They are there as either boundary markers or danger areas.
Players cannot enter neighbouring fields or go over fences.
No lasers of any class/type are allowed anywhere on site.
Magazines are not allowed in any weapons anywhere in the safe zone, no gaining ground by cutting through the safe zone during games, no dry firing in the safe zone.
All guns must be cleared and dry fired before entering the safe zone at the end of games.
All players must listen to the marshals, marshal’s word on the field is final. If you have a problem see a marshal do not confront other players, marshals are there to help.
Players must be quiet and listen during game and safety briefs, players not ready to go out with everyone else may be asked to sit out of that game. Players are asked to follow the objectives and work as one team.
Do not move or damage our site props they are there for everyone to enjoy.
Aim Airsoft has a ZERO tolerance to abusive language and behaviour on our site. Offenders will be removed from site. Anyone who physically assaults another player or member of staff will be banned from site and the Police will be called.
Do not blind fire, you must be able to see your target.
Over kill is unnecessary, single fire when it gets close. Give players enough time to react to being hit do not shout at players for non-hit taking, speak to a marshal.
Treat other players as you would like to be treated yourself, airsoft is a game of honesty, Dead men don’t talk, take your hits, play fair.
Anyone found to be blatantly cheating will be asked to leave the site, without a refund.
No fires allowed anywhere on site. Players are not allowed to attempt to put fires out, raise the alarm and wait for the marshals, do not destroy or play with site firefighting equipment found around the site.
Look after the site facilities and clean up after yourself.
Come and go quietly, respect our neighbours.
Keep rubbish on you in the game zone and use the bins provided in the safe zone.
Do not touch another player’s kit or vehicles.
We advise all our players to wear suitable footwear and clothing. Site approved pyro only!!!…
Please ask a marshal before using anything you have brought with you to site.

Be aware Aim Airsoft has rabbit holes, uneven ground, holes covered with leaves so watch your footing and wear sturdy boots with ankle support.

For first timers, we require long sleeved clothing and full-length trousers. Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or scuffing up. Wear strong shoes/boots, this is an active game.